We are on a mission to empower roofers all over the world with the strategies and tools required to generate an evergreen stream of online roofing leads all year round.

How Joel Grew His Roofing Company To 7 Figures With His Lead Generation Machine

Meet Joel Guerra - if you’ve been following me for some time then you’re probably familiar with him. I recently sat down with Joel and had a 1 on 1 progress interview to see how things were going…. 

Turns out, he’s well over $1,000,000 a year now. Pretty impressive — considering he was at $60,000 a year before we met. Before Joel and I started working together he was doing tons of subcontracting. He was the best there was at it within his area. What he didn’t know, was that he could be very well generating his own roofing leads and carrying out the work himself. 

Once his Evergreen lead generation system was set up within his business, things changed. It was almost something that happened overnight where he went from subcontracting to barely subcontracting to not subcontracting at all. 

He went from being a jack-of-all-trades to hiring a full-time receptionist, getting an office/shop space, 2 more trucks & a trailer and no longer being on the roof at all. He’s almost at a point where the business is running by itself. Almost being able to just work 30-40hrs a week and have the business still running to his standards.

What is the Evergreen Lead Generation System?

The Evergreen Lead Generation System online training program spans over 7 weeks, 2 weekly live Q&A call with Mats Moy, and access to a supportive community of likeminded roofers that are all utilizing the Evergreen system.

The goal of this training program is to give roofers the ability to build, manage and scale their own online roofing lead generation system in-house.

Who is this for?

For roofing companies who are dissatisfied with the current state of their online marketing efforts, don't want to purchase roofing leads anymore and tired of the hefty monthly management fees.

When does it begin?

As soon as you enroll, you'll have access to the training program, the live Q&A calls and the supportive group of roofing companies from all over the world.

What do I get in the program?

The program was designed with roofers in mind, understanding that you may not be tech savvy, or have limited time. The program will take you through the entire process it takes to setup this system.


WEEK 1: 

An introduction to the world of online advertising for roofing companies. In this week, we'll lay the foundations for targeting your ideal customer whether it be residential or commercial properties or retail projects or insurance claim projects.

WEEK 2: 

We walk you through setting up the base tools needed for your Evergreen Funnel mediums. From setting up your company to target the ideal local areas that will generate you results in the shortest amount of time possible.

WEEK 3: 

You'll be provided with all of the templates, content & tools to set up your website that will actually rank on the search engines and start to generate online local roofing leads the right way.

WEEK 4: 

A full week dedicated to setting up the PPC platform for your Evergreen Marketing Funnel. We'll set you up with done for you dedicated landing pages, keyword research & lead tracking for your locally targeted and remarketing campaigns.

WEEK 5: 

You'll be equipped with the organic Evergreen strategy to drive targeted traffic from the search engines to specific related pages on your website to generate leads for all the services your company offers.

WEEK 6: 

You'll have a clearly weekly laid out plan to manging, optimizing and scaling your Evergreen PPC campaign while spending less than 30 minutes per week. You'll be provided with a checklist & a spreadsheet to track your Pay-Per-Click success.


We'll arm you with the specific tools to climb the search rankings with a guaranteed strategy to keep climbing the search rankings on Google, Bing & Yahoo without writing a single piece of content yourself.



Lifetime access to the training program

2 Weekly Live Q&A Calls every week with Mats Moy

Access to the facebook group for support with likeminded roofing company owners.

Joel Guerra 

Owner | Straight Arrow Roofing

From Being Depressed Running His Roofing Company To $500,000 In Less Than 12 Months.

It wasn’t too long ago that Eric was stopping by the fast-food restaurants to have the good ol’ roofers shower in the bathroom sink. Change his clothes, put on some cologne and voila, all of a sudden he’s the company salesmen off to give out a roof estimate.

It sucked!

Like most roofing companies, Eric started off subcontracting, relying on word of mouth or even buying leads from companies like Homeadvisor. 

He’d tried creating his own website; which didn’t generate much for him.

After operating his own company for 7 years, Eric had reached the top of the subcontracting game and it was time to level up. 

Depressed with running his roofing company, feeling beat up by his business, and tired of being the subcontractor to all his roof work, Eric decided to start generating his own roof leads.

Eric hired Mats to set up his Evergreen Roofing Lead Generation System to generate exclusive roofing leads for his company.

In 7 years; never had his roofing business been like this. 2 months after working with me, he started getting calls. 

Fast forward 14 months later, Eric is on track to hit 7 figures in 2020.

Eric no longer swings a hammer, no longer stresses about finding work, has an unlimited source of roof leads and best of all…


Eric Miller

Owner | Miller's Home Improvement


Zak Generated His First 3 Roofing Jobs In 30 Days

Zak Slavin

Owner | Slavin Home Improvements

Zak set up his Evergreen Lead Generation System that started to produce local roofing leads for his company within the first 30 days. 

During those first 30 days, Zak was able to close 3 large residential roofing projects.

Zak's roofing company had all the tools they needed to get the work done. Their goal was to go from 3 roofs a month to 3 roof replacements a week. 

Slavin Home Improvements is now averaging 15-20 roof replacements a month. They had a record-breaking month where they were able to complete a total of 12 roof replacements over 14 days.


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From 2.3M to $4.3M Within 12 Months

Wayne Cox

CEO | Cox Roofing Systems

In earlier days, things were much simpler. Wayne got a lot of work from word of mouth, radio advertising, attended networking events & tradeshows, handed out brochures, samples, etc.

He typically got a lot of work from that alone.

They did commercial roofs from coast to coast. From car dealerships to apartment buildings to manufacturing warehouses. They did it all. They were growing. Things were great.

As the years went on, business seemed to be at a standstill. What once worked very well for them, was no longer as effective. Tradeshow booths peeked less interest. The networking events they attended proved to be a waste of time.

The one thing they could rely on was our past clients to be repeat clients all the time. And that kept them afloat. But what now?

They needed more commercial roofing leads and we needed them now.

So Wayne did the one thing he thought would get them more leads. He hired a few sales guys to produce their own roofing leads.

Weeks went by…nothing. Months went by…still nothing. These guys weren’t pulling their own weight.

At this point, he didn’t know what else to do. It’s not as if things we’re going horribly wrong, the business was still ok but they needed to keep growing.

Out of nowhere, Wayne’s dad (the founder of the company) had asked him to meet with some guy who claimed to be an expert in digital marketing for roofers.

Not this again, I thought.

Wayne got messages from hundreds of online marketing “experts” claiming they can do this and that for his business.

They had tried this internet thing already and it was a colossal waste of resources & revenue because it didn’t deliver anything.

For the sake of pleasing his dad, he decided to meet with the guy and give it a go anyways. The guy seemed very professional and he could cancel at any time if things weren’t working out.

In his mind, he already knew it wouldn’t work. His son also thought it was a terrible idea and a waste of funds.

To be honest, the first few months were rough as there weren’t many results but there were signs of good things to come. They started receiving calls from MANY telemarketers.

He must be doing something right because nobody was calling us before. So Wayne hung in there.

Fast forward 12 months later, the leads are coming in. Every week.

Leads were coming to Wayne without him having to go out to look for them.


In 43 years of commercial roofing of business, last year was their best year. And this can truly be attributed to his Evergreen Roofing Lead Generation System.

Chris Signed His First 10K Roofing Job Within 30 Days

Chris Kilburn

Owner | Kilburn Construction Company

Chris was struggling to keep his business afloat.

He didn't need much to right out of the gate, just enough to make ends meet and keep his business going.

Within the first 30 days, he was able to land a 10K metal roof replacement project that he carried out himself.

Chris has moved his business down to sunny Florida where he's looking to continue dominating his local market.