ATTENTION: Roofing Business Owners who STILL struggle to scale their operation to 7-8 Figures!

Use Our Tried-&-Tested “Roofing Lead Mastery System” To Scale Your Roofing Business Predictably Year After Year - In Just 5 Weeks. 


For Roofing Company Owners & Managers Who;

1. Are dissatisfied with the current state of their online marketing efforts,

2. Don't want to purchase roofing leads anymore

3. And tired of the hefty monthly management fees. 


As soon as you enroll, you'll have access to the training program, the live Q&A calls and the supportive group of roofing companies from all over the world. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Roofing Lead Mastery System?

Formerly known as “The Evergreen Lead Generation System”-

The Roofing Lead Mastery System is an online training program that used to take over 7 weeks to complete, but now only spans over 5 weeks…

With 2 weekly live Q&A calls with the instructor Mats Moy…

And access to a supportive community of like minded roofers that are all utilizing this System.

The goal of this training program is to give roofers the ability to Build, Manage And Scale their own online roofing lead generation system IN-HOUSE.

Instead of outsourcing this to some “expert” lead generation freelancer who will promise you results but never deliver. 

34 Reasons Why This Is Practically An Online University For Generating Online Roofing Leads… 

  1. You will learn how to practically generate at least one roofing lead per day.
  2. You will get tips for getting Google's algorithm in your favor, thus ranking higher on Google.
  3. You will learn how to use the simple, most important principle used by top property investors to your advantage for getting more leads into your roofing business.
  4. You will be exposed to industry hacks to steal some of your competitor's customers… For FREE!
  5. You will be taught how to use simple Google ranking factors to always stay on top of your local competition & dominate the local roofing industry.
  6. You will learn how to tap into Google’s FREE advertising tools that most roofing companies probably don’t use in your area.
  7. You will now be able to harness the power of citations, press releases, and customer reviews to make a powerful lead magnet out of your GMB listing. 
  8. You will be empowered with SEO knowledge that will help your business rank on the first page of Google.
  9. You will walk through the EXACT process of implementing a system that will continuously generate roofing leads.
  10. You will be equipped with the tools to properly identify your dream customer. 
  11. You will watch over Mats' shoulder as he goes through a handful of questions that will help you dig for things to help you better sell your business.
  12. You will get access to over 5 “nice to have” worksheets & spreadsheets that will help you create a master document for your online marketing operation. 
  13. You will be exposed to old marketing principles that will teach you the 2 things your customer is looking to do, & how you can profit off this.
  14. You will learn about a secret hack that only marketers would know about. I.e. The 3 core desires, you should consider when marketing your roofing service.
  15. You will learn how to effectively craft your own unique selling point to tilt the scale in your favor.
  16. You will be part of a program that will help you create a full-blown lead machine that’s going to be working for your day & night, 24/7.
  17. You will find out why GMB is one of the core pillars of the program.
  18. You will discover why it’s so important to take control of your online assets: website domain & hosting. 
  19. You will use a tried-and-tested tracking mechanism to keep an eye on your roofing leads, instead of always guessing where the lead came from.
  20. You will be taught how to create your listing, determine the area to operate in & how to avoid the most common mishaps.
  21. You will know how to install & use the world's most popular website builder.
  22. You will learn why you need to set up your Google Local Service Ads right away… And how to go about doing this.
  23. You will be using a marketing sales funnel that has been proven to work for roofing companies over the years.
  24. You will be introduced to an old scientific technique (Split-run) used by the marketing giants before the existence of the internet, to get better & better results forever.
  25. You will discover the anatomy of a good PPC business page and why we need to use this instead of a website.
  26. You will get access to a program within a program on GMB and Google Advertising.
  27. You will also get access to a pre-launch checklist that will guide you when launching your online side of the business.
  28. You will learn how to troubleshoot your marketing funnel & remarket to warm customers.
  29. You will be introduced to the 80/20 rule - and how this will make your management task a breeze.
  30. You will be taught about the right KPIs to use and how this will craft your perfect end goal. 
  31. You will get a crash course on keyword research, creating your content & optimizing the content. 
  32. You will create your website, learn about image optimization as it relates to this & explore all the important aspects of your website. 
  33. You will learn SEO 101: Interlinking, tags, meta descriptions & schema markup.
  34. You will know the importance of the Google 3-Pack & how you can use this to establish yourself as the local authority in roofing. 

You Want To Generate Local Roof Leads …
… and I’m Here to Help You!

Hey, I’m Mats Moy, and I’ve been in the roofing industry since 2009.
I truly believe in one thing: 

I can help roofers generate quality and consistent online roofing leads. 

Many of these roofing companies  are great at doing the work but they struggle in getting their foot in the door enough times.
And it’s a pity.

That’s Why I’m on a Mission
The mission is to help 500 roofing companies set up systems to generate their own roofing leads online.

If you are one of them…

…then I’m here to help you.
$7,997 Guarantee
Look, I’m 100% sure that what you’ll discover inside of this program is worth at least $7,997. 

Join the program today, and you have 30 days to complete 3 weeks. If you realize that it isn’t worth at least $7,997,  just ask for a full refund by sending an email to 
[email protected]. And I will send your money back right away.
Don’t make the SAME MISTAKE!
Evolution. Progress. Moving forward. You name it.

There is just one thing that is for sure.

You CAN’T stop it!

Only those who adapt survive. Dinosaurs could talk about it.

They were the strongest, the greatest, and kings of the world. But they made ONE mistake.

One fatal error!
They didn’t adapt.
And so they died out.

I always keep this in mind in my business, and I repeat it every day. If I don’t adapt to what works NOW, it will be very difficult to thrive in business LATER. And I may die out eventually (meaning I will go out of business).

That is why I am very strict at using the things that work best at the moment. I adapt to them.

Yes, it’s new to you. It needs to be learned. But if you don’t do that, game over. It has happened so many times to many roofing companies in the past that I always sigh sadly at it.

And you need to decide that you’ll do things differently. You want quality roof leads. That’s the main reason why you should spend so much time learning the best ways to produce roofing leads in today’s world.

Because Producing New Leads Is One of the Most Important
Business Skill. 

And if you turn those leads into appointments too, and you don’t want to spend years learning it, use Roofing Leads Mastery.

Because if you don’t, you will fall behind the competition. And you know what’s gonna happen then.

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Let's be real here. We're technically strangers.

I know what we're dealing with here is NOT CHEAP and you're probably hesitant about investing your hard-earned money in a stranger's hearsay.

Well, I hear you and I can totally relate.

Here's the deal: how about I give you a full 30 days for you to go through 3 weeks of the program and decide whether this is worth taking the chance?

If it, unfortunately, did not meet your expectations, just email us at [email protected] and we'll send a full refund your way, no questions asked. Good deal, right?

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

1. What is the objective of this program? 



The objective of this program is to help you fundamentally get more leads, build wealth, spend less time on the field, and more time doing estimates. 


2. What’s the story behind Moy Consulting?


After working as a roofing consultant, I saw a gap in the roof internet marketing industry.

I quickly realized that roofing is light-years behind when it comes to marketing online. 

That many roofing companies have yet to use any modern means of marketing…and many of them still do door-to-door knocking & flyers, because that’s all they know.

And when I started my journey as a digital marketer, there was a huge demand & I could only help so many people at a time.

So I then decided to package my knowledge of 6 years so that everybody could get it. 

And here we are today. 


3. Why should I choose you (& what makes you different)?


Let’s face it…

Sure… with another generalist digital marketing agency, you can get an attractive account rep or Intern to handle your account and a big office building that has that “wow” factor.

But…what you don’t get is a long term asset - a DIY Leads Mastery program designed by somebody who is completely dedicated to helping roofing companies just like yours get results.

We’re looking to set you up with a system for generating your own qualified leads consistently while you become a local authority. 


4. What’s in it for me?


Leads, and lot’s of them!

Because digital marketing is simple if you know what you’re doing to be honest…

But building a predictable online system that drives roofing leads into your business - month after month, requires marketing finesse.

And that’s exactly what we’re known for. 


5. How can you know that I'll be able to get good results with your program?


It’s scary to commit to making an investment, no matter how big or small, when there’s no guarantee that you’ll get anything out of it.

You might be thinking that your situation is too niche, or too different, or that there’s no opportunity for you in the market…

I want to let you in on a little secret.

Every single roofing business I’ve worked with has been completely unlike any that has come before it.

No business owner has the same life experience, the same roofing style, or the same goals in mind when they start this program.

Because of that, every person who has bought our programs has come out with something totally unique to their personality and their business.

So no, you’re not going to get bad results just because you’re different from every other Business Owner/Manager we’ve had –

In fact, your individuality actually makes you more likely to succeed with the Roofing Leads Mastery Program. 


6. What’s the catch?


There Is No Catch.

I know there are some marketing agencies out there that offer you a great deal on something but then force you into a program that charges your card every month.

This isn’t one of them.

There’s no hidden “continuity program” you have to try… or anything weird like that.

I’m giving you this entire program - a melting pot of 6 years worth of roof marketing experience for a penny on the dollar.

For the millions of dollars we’ve generated for our clients, this is practically a no-brainer for a serious roofing contractor. 


7. Why now? 


Here’s the truth:

Over 80% of roofing business owners reading this will “think about it,” bookmark the chrome tab, and ultimately forget all about it.

Here are 3 ways these types of people will continue losing money trying to generate their own roofing leads online.

They won’t take any action whatsoever because they want to wait until they feel certain they’ll succeed – how many more roofing blog posts, Facebook groups, and marketing podcasts is that gonna take? 

True Cost: Every single homeowner whose life could have been touched by your company is going to slip through the cracks.

They’ll know that they need to hire some internet marketing expert, start running google ads, create a website, and “the rest of that stuff” so they’ll go out and do it (poorly) then claim that it all doesn’t work.

True Cost: Building a REAL roofing business - that is a local authority - will forever seem out of reach.

If they luck out, end up with a miracle and somehow generate leads online… they’ll experience the terror that inevitably strikes when the market begins to shift and they don’t have enough understanding of the fundamentals to recreate their success.

True Cost: Fear, shame, disappointment, and having to go back to square one and look for the next marketing guru to help them figure this whole thing out...again! 

Don’t be like most skeptical roofing contractors… Book a call now and get help! 

What Our Clients Say

We had a record-breaking month this year. We were able to complete a total of 12 roof replacements over 14 days thanks to Mats.”

Zak Slavin – Slavin Home Improvements

“We’ve previously operated on just word of mouth with no advertising and weren’t growing our business. After 3 months of working with Mats, we’re getting 1-3 online
roofing leads daily.”

Richard Sakowski – Grace Roofing

I generated 183 roofing leads in ONE MONTH! Working with Mats has been the best decision I made in my business.”

Joel Guerra – Straight Arrow Roofing

“With the abundance of roofing leads coming in, we’re able to raise our prices and cut loose those who are just low-balling.”

Mike Payne – No Payne Roofing

“Mats helped us bring in 3 BIG commercial roofing projects that we would have never gotten without having this kind of presence on the internet.”

Wayne Cox – Cox Roofing Systems

“The first online roofing lead we got from working with Mats turned into $9,000 in profits within the
first month.”

Luke Mitchell – TD Home Pros

“We’re killing it BIG TIME! Website traffic has increased greatly. I can’t
say enough about working with Mats. The increase in phone calls
and traffic is unbelievable so far!!”

Tom Bury – Army Roofing


An introduction to the world of online advertising for roofing companies. This week, we'll lay the foundations for targeting your ideal customer for Residential/Commercial properties or even Insurance claim/Retail projects.  

I’ll also walk you through setting up the base tools needed for your Funnel mediums. From setting up your company to targeting the ideal local areas that will generate you results in the shortest amount of time possible.  

You'll be provided with all of the templates, content & tools to set up your website that will actually rank on the search engines and start to generate online local roofing leads the right way. 

A full week dedicated to setting up the PPC platform for your Marketing Funnel. We'll set you up with done for you dedicated landing pages, keyword research & lead tracking for your locally targeted and remarketing campaigns. 

Total Value:  $28,756
...Grab this opportunity & explode your online sales while becoming a local authority - without knocking on any doors.


The program was designed with roofers in mind, understanding that you may not be tech savvy, or have limited time. This program will also take you through the entire process it takes to setup this system. 

You'll be equipped with the organic strategy to drive targeted traffic from the search engines to specific related pages on your website to generate leads for all the services your company offers. 

Total Value:  $28,756


8. Why can’t I just do this myself without taking this program?


Actually - that’s why this program was created...So that roofing business owners can take ownership of their own online marketing systems without having them being held hostage by some marketing agency.

To be clear, the idea of bootstrapping isn’t new, and in my professional opinion – specifically for the result you’re looking to get-

“Bootstrapping it” – without our expertise – could actually destroy your business 

And granted, you have more resources than ever when it comes to building a profitable online marketing funnel.


… Blogs

… Podcasts

Heck, you can look anywhere online and find some new guy preaching his new method and showing you his new bank account, his new mansion, and how many roofs he’s helped his clients book over the last 30 days...

And he’ll tell you that this is literally the last thing you’ll ever need for your marketing.

(And why everything you thought you knew was wrong)

And all you have to do is buy one more piece of software,

1 more book,

1 more course,

Or join 1 last mastermind coaching program…

But as soon as you buy their program, you just remember the last time that you invested hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in a product/service and you felt like you received something that was just…


That is why you cannot do this alone, you need the guidance of someone who has never actually worked with any non-roofing companies…

A roofing consultant turned digital marketing professional with a tried-and-tested system that has worked for a range of businesses across the US. 


9. What do I have to lose? 



And you have a whole lot more to gain.

That's right. With all the time, the effort, and the dollars you’ve invested in your business, marketing agencies, freelancers, and that one time you did your own paid ads and they failed–

You DESERVE the payoff!

You deserve to know EXACTLY how to make perfect use of your time and your energy – to wake up every morning to a steady stream of roofing leads from your google ads and GMB listing...

You deserve to be taught at your own pace, step-by-step, instead of being given vague guidelines that you can’t figure out how to apply. 


10. What if I'm not tech-savvy?


This program was created with you in mind.

I created this training for the non-tech-savvy roofing contractor.

This is also perfect if you’re tight on monthly spending budgets because there are no monthly fees.

And you’d still have assistance from me and my team. Month after month. Forever! 


11. What are my options? 


You have a lot of options.

You can continue knocking on doors, 

waiting on insurance claims,

hitting up HomeAdvisor, Yelp, or yellow pages for those good old shared leads,

participating in exhibitions,

and also cold-calling homeowners...

But, as you might have already noticed...these aren’t very scalable.

That’s why we offer this 5-week program that could single-handedly destroy all of these lead generation channels within just a few months. 


12. Will this force me to stop doing all the things that have worked for my business so far? 


Not at all.

In fact, at Moy Consulting, we encourage you to continue with these channels until you reach a point where you don’t really have to go out knocking on doors if you don’t really feel like it anymore.

See, some roofing contractors we’ve worked with have done door knocking so much that they cannot stand it anymore! 

Now, instead of knocking on doors all day, they’re carrying out estimates all day. 


13. What advice would you give to a roofing contractor tryna get online leads? 


Avoid all the rookie mistakes. Find a legit marketing company that’s been around for more than 2 years, that doesn’t only understand roof marketing but can teach you how to do it, then you can do it all on your own until you don’t need them anymore! 


14. Do you have a solution for someone who’s burned out on door knocking? 


You gotta create a system where homeowners come to you and not the other way around.

Be able to control and most importantly be in a position to predict all the leads that you will get.

If you want to learn how to get roofing leads without door knocking, then you’re better off reaching out to me, directly. 


15. I’ve seen advertising budgets kill businesses, could this happen to my business? 


Not a chance.

We help you track everything & we wouldn’t suggest you do something that doesn’t work out in your favour in terms of long-term ROI. 


16. “I want someone that can get the phone ringing like it did when I was out pounding the pavement...knocking on doors. Can you do this?” 


Not only that but unlike when you were out knocking on doors for more than 12 hours per day,

We will help you create an online roofing salesman, a full-blown lead machine that’s going to be working for you day & night, 24/7.

Imagine having to reach thousands of customers every single day without having to send a single man out to go out and get in front of a thousand people.

That’s the kind of thing we’re talking about.


17. What’s your take on HomeAdvisor?


In the words of a roofing contractor I once asked this same question; “HomeAdvisor is the biggest joke in the market.”

I’m gonna leave it there. 


18. How soon can I start seeing leads rolling in?


You will most likely get a bump in leads within the first 2 weeks/Modules.

So, that’s at least 2 weeks from starting the program and just so you know, this program will pay for itself typically within 30-60 days.

PLUS: Just to clarify, this is definitely not for someone looking for something to happen FAST!


19. Can you guarantee steady roofing leads even if there’s no storms? 



Even though you’d definitely get a spike in leads when there is a storm but those are what we consider as short term leads because they’re based on a single event. 

Whereas we’re looking to set you up in such a way that those little things don’t matter anymore, and you’re fully booked all year round. 


20. What is going to be my average cost per roofing lead? 


We aim for $30 (on the lower end) to $80 (on the higher end) cost per roofing lead. 

Most importantly though, is that we consider leads as qualified homeowners who already have a roofing problem and are in the market specifically looking for a roofing company (you) to offer them a solution to their problem.


21. What if I don’t have the time to do all of this? 


That’s the beauty of this...because that tells me that you probably need this more than anything.

And if generating leads is a priority for your business, you’ll MAKE time to complete this.

With that being said, you can still go through the training program at your own pace.

Whether you want to complete the entire 5 weeks in 2 weeks, you can.

Or in 20 weeks (which I don’t recommend), you can, too.

We understand that you have a company to run…

Some business owners have opted to have someone in-house do the program instead… That’s still okay. 


22. Do the leads come straight to me or do you first qualify them? 


You’d be happy to know that we actually don’t answer any calls or queries on your behalf.

All the leads come straight to you - no middleman involved at any stage. 


23. Do I have to have a very high close rate for this to work? 


Ideally, yes.

But this is not a requirement - it’s more of a “nice to have,” rather than a “must-have.”

We say this because the roofers with the highest close rate typically perform better than the ones that don’t, especially if they’ve been around for a while. 


24. How many different streams of roofing income could this provide me? 


In total this will provide about 4 different streams of roofing leads.

Two of which are free & the other 2, well, those are paid. 


25. Summarize in 2 short sentences what you offer.


We simply offer a solution for roofers to stop having to pay for shared leads, & generate their own leads from their online efforts. 


26. What are ALL of the benefits of being in this program? 


  • Not having to rely on third parties to generate leads.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Having all the info available to you 24/7.
  • Short-term or long-term leads if you need to generate leads due to any hailstorm or any natural disaster.
  • Local authority - with regards to web presence.
  • Full backing of a marketing company for FREE.
  • Working with someone who’s been in the roofing industry for over 11 hours & understands how to get your business in front of your target audience.
  • Because of the core strategies in the training program, we’re looking to get you established in your own backyard… So you don’t have to drive 2 hours out of town just to get a roof estimate.
  • We’ll help you track literally everything in your online funnel.


27. What TOP 3 daily roofer frustrations you’re addressing? 


  • Lack of employees;
  • Lack of work; and
  • Not knowing how to use technology to your advantage. 


28. Do you offer any guarantee or risk-reversal of any kind? 


Yes! This program will literally pay for itself.